.​.​.​of all ambition

by Dog of Panic

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released January 29, 2016

Dan Rohde - Guitar Composition/Performance, Vocal Composition/Performance, Songwriting, Lyric Composition

Jesse Miller - Drum Composition/Performance, Backing Vocal Performance

Josie Lowder - Bass Guitar Composition/Performance



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Speak Up Records Ottumwa, Iowa

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Track Name: Moosekick
I hand you four cents
'Cause you ain't woth a nickel
You know I play for the love
I don't play for the fickle
And some broken strings
And some broken dreams
Brought you from the promised land
You hardly even tried
But I'll hold your hand
The academy, I'd like to thank
For my mouth like a sailor
And my body like a septic tank
'Causee I play my moosekick
And I wear my boon jeans
I used to be like you
Pistol ready to fire
Barrel pointed at all my friends
When it's love that I desired
You say you want respect
A little room to live
But if you want to earn my trust
Well, you gotta learn to give
Track Name: Linnear
My mind replays
All the things that have built and destroyed us
Who are we to say
Who lives, who dies, who gets to enforce this?
Together we sink
But we deserve to rise
We’re crushed under the feet of our mores and lies
And I shouldn’t complain
Yes this life has been good
Yet I feel there is more
Something misunderstood of this world...
Memories fade
Treading water, no raft to support us
Content to stay
With a life of unchallenged cowardice
And day after day
We all go into work
It’s improvement they say
But we’re sweeping the dirt
How long can this stagnate?
Exhausting resources
Before the hand that feeds
Decides to ignore us?
We’re alone…
What now? What now? Where do we go?
A sense of purpose arriving so, so slow
I can’t just wait here. That much I know
What now? What now? Where do we go?
Don’t take the whole thing
Please leave a slice for my
Worn, dusty saddle
I still can’t meet your eye
It entertains you
You’re waiting for the day
Has never been my way
Break the circle
Make it linear
Not just linear, make it ascend
Because we’re kings
And we’re queens of the land!
Take what you need
Pass it down
There is plenty to go around
What the day brings
What the night brings
What we’ve found!

Running Free
It’s alright to
Sift through the dark
It only makes
You a human
And if you meddle in someone else’s garden you might find
Something you didn’t want to see
The world won’t end, you’ll understand this knowledge for a lifetime
It’s right for you, not right for me
Don’t leave home without it
We scream and shout still with our hands tied
Don’t leave home without it
What you made, so proud with hands tied
It’s alright to
Bathe in the light
It only makes
You a human
Track Name: Learning To Overcome
So drunk I fraternize
With feelings that patronize
Imagine if all things that were said
Were the truth
Way, Get away
Learning to overcome
You don't have to Believe in
My goals or my fantasies
All I want from you is that
We agree to disagree
For my whole life
I have been
Used as a stepping stone
Independent from influence
And I know that I'm not alone
Track Name: A Sharp New One
Rise of the individual
No servants
A strive to be equal
Steal your eye
Give it to the people
Heir to a hidden throne
I would burn my crown before I’d walk on backs of men cast down
What other choice have I?
I’ll pretend to play, expand the bars of a complacent cage
Sit down
Shut up
Don’t think
Question all that you see
Fueled opposing sides
Divide the masses to control and hide
Our unused potential
We can be set free, manifest the life that you want to lead